Torey | Bishop Kelly High School Senior

Two thoughts after spending some time with Torey last week. 1) This girl rocks and I'm so glad she is coming to OU next year and 2) Tulsa is beautiful! Thankful she worked with me for our dreary day shoot. But, this girl looks like an actual model so the weather was no biggie. Not only did I get to spend some time with Torey, but I got to hang out with her mom and twin sister, Emily, too! I'm a fan of the Hendersons (and Tulsa).

Senior Portrait Session Prep

Hello there! I'm so excited to spend some time together for your senior portrait session! To help answer some common questions for those with upcoming shoots, this post will (hopefully!) provide some helpful information, tips, and advice to help you prepare for your upcoming session. Remember these portraits are a fun keepsake and nothing to be stressed or nervous about. So, come ready to celebrate your school memories, share fun stories, and spend some time together! What To Wear One of the first questions that comes up about a senior portrait (or really any portrait) session is - "what do I wear?!" The most succinct answer I can give is simple - wear what makes you feel most comfortable. O

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