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In the midst of all these fun, senior photo sessions, there is another person graduating - me! I've been working the last two years on a master's degree at the University of Oklahoma. After graduating from OU in the spring of 2015 with a degree in Journalism, I somehow found my way back for a graduate program in the educational leadership and policy studies department. In two short weeks, I'll be a graduate of the higher education program and can add three new letters to the end of my last name - M.Ed. Truthfully, I should be working on a final paper I have, but I am practicing some "productive procrastination" with a blog post I wanted to share. I spend a lot of time designing things for ot

Jenna | University of Oklahoma Senior

Another beautiful, fun senior session with a fun, beautiful senior! Jenna was such a blast to walk campus with last week and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Congrats on your upcoming graduation, Jenna!

Esther | University of Oklahoma Senior

My dear friend, Esther, is graduating! If you know me, I've probably mentioned Esther to you about a dozen times. We met back in 2012 as members of our sorority and have been friends ever since. Esther is the opposite of me in so many ways, yet for us, opposites really do seem to attract. She is outgoing, personable, intelligent, kind, and hilarious. And, for the first time in a long time, Oklahoma is going to be Esther-less and Florida won't know what is hitting them. I can't wait to see the big things this girl is going to do as the Dance Marathon Graduate Assistant at Florida State University. From Harry Potter movie marathons to campus activities to living through a literal house fire, E

Kendal | University of Oklahoma Senior

Where do I even begin with this one? Kendal has to be one of the most hilarious and endearing humans I've ever met. Kendal and I spent quite a bit of time together last year when I was working for Panhellenic at OU and she was on the Panhellenic exec team. When Kendal texted me to see if I'd be willing to take her and her wonderful twin, Katie's, pictures, I was stoked! While I didn't know Katie very well, I knew that if she was anything like Kendal, it would be a blast. Turns out, these twins couldn't be more opposite, yet they are both kind, hilarious, and full of life. The more time I spent with the both of them, the more i found that even their clothes (one wore black the other wore whit

Katie | University of Oklahoma Senior

Last week, I got to have such a fun session with two graduating sisters! These girls were such a blast to spend the evening with and they both have such bright futures ahead of them. Even though they are twins and we did a session together, I'm going to do two separate posts because honestly, I can't pick just a few images for each. I think if I had known Katie in undergrad, we would have been friends. Not only are we both public relations and Gaylord College grads, but we like a lot of the same things. Can't wait to see all the good this girl is going to do in the future.

Jordan | University of Oklahoma Senior

Wowza I can't believe Jordan is GRADUATING! I first met Jordan when she was a junior in high school at Oklahoma Girls State and our paths continued to cross here at OU. I've loved watching Jordan rock her experience here in Norman and am so excited that she is sticking around a while longer. Jordan brought an entire entourage along for our shoot and even a speaker for music. Definitely the most fun I've had on a shoot! Thanks for trusting me to capture the end to this happy journey.

Adam | University of Oklahoma Senior

One of my favorite parts about getting to spend time with people during shoots is hearing all the fun stories they have to share. I met Adam during his freshman year at Camp Crimson when I was his Small Group Leader! I was immediately drawn towards his because of his fun personality and the fact that we are town neighbors with some pretty small hometown upbringings. I've loved watching Adam make the most of his OU experience through the years and am so excited to celebrate his graduation!! During our shoot, I got to meet Adam's mom who is quite possibly the kindest woman. I loved hearing their stories and see the excitement for this next chapter in life. While I don't have the most experienc

Maegan | University of Oklahoma Senior

There's not much better than taking pictures of friends! I can't believe that Maegan is graduating (it is reminding me of how old I am!). I had a really hard time picking out my favorites for this post because Maegan's smile makes me so happy! We had the most AMAZING weather for this shoot and even found some leftover confetti on the ground to mess around with. It's all about being resourceful, right? Had a great afternoon spending time with Maegan - this girl rocks.

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