Shaq | M.Ed. Graduate

Excited to share one of my few male seniors from this season. I've known Shaq since college but now, you can refer to him as Shaq Harris, M.Ed. (BOOM!) Shaq is one of my most favorite people - he's just got this kind and fun air about him and he is an absolute joy to be around. I knew that we would have a good time on our shoot. Despite some really shit weather, we still made it happen! Congratulations on your new degree, Shaq. You are the boss.

Perri | University of Oklahoma Senior

Kylie here. Reporting live from Italy! Super excited to share this next senior on the blog!! Y'all - Perri is a boss. Not only is she such a fun person to be around, she is going to grad school in LONDON. I loved getting to walk around campus with her and check out some of her favorite spots. Perri is also a photographer so it was a blast getting to find some fun spots to snap a few pictures to commemorate her time here at OU. Of course, we had to get a picture in one of the OU phonebooths. Since Perri is headed off to London, she can always remember a little piece of OU. Congratulations, Perri. Wishing you all the best! London calling - Perri is on her way!

Elizabeth | University of Oklahoma Graduate

What a hiatus I've been on. I'm SO BEHIND on sharing some of my seniors from this season because I'm currently writing this post from Italy! Right after the end of the spring term, I hopped on a plane and have been traveling through this beautiful country for the past 2 weeks. While I'm still out of the country, I do have awesome internet here in Arezzo and wanted to continue to share some images from the spring 2019 senior season. This "senior" isn't really a senior at all - Elizabeth is finishing up doctoral work here at the University of Oklahoma. We had a blast on campus and I loved getting to explore a new place that has a lot of meaning for her - the National Weather Center. Elizabeth

Elizabeth | University of Oklahoma Senior

Happy Sunday! Loving this awesome weather this weekend and celebrating by sharing another senior from spring 2019. I'm nearing the end of senior season and it's feeling a little bittersweet. Senior season can be a lot to keep up with, but I love getting to spend time with these students and hear about all that is next and about their OU experiences. On the day of Elizabeth's shoot, we were literally running from a storm. It was crazy. We got a few shots in, the rain started, and just as quickly as it came, it was gone. We waited it out in the union and all of a sudden, it was sunny again! Patience is a virtue, I guess?

Rebecca | University of Oklahoma Senior

So excited to share some portraits of this beauty!! Rebecca is hilarious and we had such a blast walking around campus together and getting to catch up. Rebecca and I are members of the same sorority and I loved getting to hear about her experience there and also in our campus' music-interest sorority. This might be weird, but I have a fascination with red hair. I love photographing people with red hair and Rebecca was no different! She's absolutely stunning and is such a hoot to be around. Congratuations to you, Rebecca! You are a BOSS, sister. Enjoy!

Quynh | University of Oklahoma Senior

So excited to share some pictures of this sweet senior! Quynh is a total boss - past President of the Independent Greek Council at OU, future medical professional, the list goes on. She bring such a light into any room she enters and I loved getting to hang out with Quynh ( and her sweet family ) during our shoot! We did a fun dual shoot with Maegan and Quynh and there are some more sweet friend pics below. Congrats, Quynh - cheers to you! More sweet friend pics of Quynh and Maegan!! These two are just the best.

Maegan | University of Oklahoma Senior

Hello, hello, hello. I'm so behind on my blogs of the seasons' seniors. But you bet your bottom dollar that these seniors are still worth sharing!! Excited to share Maegan with you today. Maegan is a breath of fresh air - she's kind, funny, and such a great friend. I've loved getting to work with Maegan in her time at OU. She's our most outstanding Greek senior for 2019 and I've loved watching her live it up here on campus. Enjoy a few of my favorites from Maegan's shoot (and a little surprise down below!): We did an awesome dual shoot with Maegan and Quynh! Excited to share some duo shots on both Maegan and Quynh's blogs. These girls' friendship is seriously just so endearing!!

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