Brittany | University of Oklahoma Senior

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year - the blustery weather, fall colors, and general vibe on campus is enough to make me giddy. Brittany's shoot was on the first day of fall weather we've seen in Oklahoma all year. It was almost *gasp* chilly. I was LIVING. Of course, we didn't have quite as much sun for our shoot as I normally like, but Brittany's smile lit up her portraits anyway. I loved her classic OU crimson, beautifully chosen campus locations, and her care-free vibe. Fun story from this shoot - we started off campus and her sorority house and Brittany accidentally left her shoes on the front porch. When we got to the library and she realized they were gone, she quite literally h

Fall Families Shoot

With the first day of fall weather *finally* in the books, it felt like the perfect time to share this autumnal themed shoot. Fun fact - when we shot these photos, it was quite literally 95 degrees and I. Was. So. Sweaty. Like the kind of sweaty that you have to go home and and immediately peel your clothes off you and take a shower. But, the sweat was worth it for these fun people! We hit up the Sutton Wilderness in Norman and found this fun field to get some fall family portraits. I've been trying out some new editing techniques and was excited to try it out with these families. I'm so glad they were up for braving the heat and getting some fun shots along the way. Here's to fall!

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