Graduation Announcements

In the midst of all these fun, senior photo sessions, there is another person graduating - me! I've been working the last two years on a master's degree at the University of Oklahoma. After graduating from OU in the spring of 2015 with a degree in Journalism, I somehow found my way back for a graduate program in the educational leadership and policy studies department. In two short weeks, I'll be a graduate of the higher education program and can add three new letters to the end of my last name - M.Ed.

Truthfully, I should be working on a final paper I have, but I am practicing some "productive procrastination" with a blog post I wanted to share. I spend a lot of time designing things for other people - party invitations, graduation announcements, websites, etc. I mean, even in my full-time job, I spend hours upon hours each week designing publications, social media graphics, etc. But, I spent some time designing my own graduation announcements and it was pretty fun for a change!

I decided to leave a blank space so I could write a little note to family and friends - thought it was a fun twist on a traditional grad announcement? But, I just wanted to share a more recent design and maybe share some inspiration for such an exciting time!

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