Taylor | University of Oklahoma Senior

We are back to my favorite time of year! While I'm more of a winter weather gal myself, I love the spring for the new life it breathes into everyone. New beginnings, fresh plans, and beautiful weather make for a fun season.

I'm even more excited to be back in the swing of senior portraits with my first session of the year! Per usual, I had a blast on this shoot. Taylor is such a free spirit, bringing a fresh perspective to every situation she encounters. I had so much fun running around campus with Taylor and her friends.

Fun fact - Taylor helps run the OU Cousins program on campus. It is a program that pairs up international students with current OU students to build cross-cultural friendships. Taylor brought along several friends she met through the program and I had a blast chatting with them during our shoot.

Check out some of my favorites from Taylor's senior portraits. This girl is georgous!

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