Elizabeth | University of Oklahoma Graduate

What a hiatus I've been on. I'm SO BEHIND on sharing some of my seniors from this season because I'm currently writing this post from Italy! Right after the end of the spring term, I hopped on a plane and have been traveling through this beautiful country for the past 2 weeks.

While I'm still out of the country, I do have awesome internet here in Arezzo and wanted to continue to share some images from the spring 2019 senior season.

This "senior" isn't really a senior at all - Elizabeth is finishing up doctoral work here at the University of Oklahoma. We had a blast on campus and I loved getting to explore a new place that has a lot of meaning for her - the National Weather Center. Elizabeth is truly such a boss and I loved getting to celebrate her accomplishments through these portraits.

Congratulations to Elizabeth - or I should say - DR. SMITH!

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